The plastic problem : Develop and Deliver

After researching plastic materials, I realized that it has many advantages and is applied a lot in daily life, a durable material, low cost, can make many types of products. However, the sustainability of plastic materials is its disadvantage, because it is so durable that plastic is difficult to decompose in nature, a normal plastic bag takes 10 to 1000 years to decompose, and a water bottle takes 450 years to decompose completely. With the current number of plastic bags, bottles, and straws, we can see that the future of the earth is taking a heavy responsibility for our use today, and if we use modern technology to decompose that cost is very expensive, using manual methods causes many harmful substances to the health of the living environment. Currently there are many opinions on replacing plastic with another material but my opinion is different:

  1. Can’t live without plastic.
  2. Do not want to damage the environment.
  3. Plastic is durable material, lasting more than 10 years, why do we just use it single time and throw it away?

Yes. The problem is not about plastic, it’s about how we use them effectively.


5 key findings I discovered during this phase:

  1. How to change the way people think about plastic materials? Under the influence of media, radio, magazine, plastic materials from a material with many advantages, it has become scary, dangerous materials and should be excluded in daily life.
  2. How can people change the way they use plastic, using plastic more than once and more effectively?
  3. Green lifestyle is a new way of life, attracting many people to follow, whether this is just a temporary trend or can last forever.
  4. Raising the awareness of environmental protection in a positive and proactive manner.
  5. We need to reduce single-use-plastic, reuse it and think about it responsibly.
  6. Sorting household waste is a simple and useful thing, but sometimes we still forget this.

I made a survey about plastic recycling to gain information about what do people think about recycling.

The survey has 10 questions as

So far I have received 22 responses from those people around me.

Stage 2: DEFINE

I have some ideas for this:
1. Create a campaign to spread the word about plastic recycling: plastic is not just disposable
2. Using social platform, creating a trend of taking photos of DIY products from plastic, attaching hashtags like non-disposable plastic, reusing plastic, and plastic for 10 years.
3. Create decorative items, artwork from plastic to inspire, add ideas for people to recycle plastic.
4. Fundraising from plastic recycling. Create decorative items from plastic, auction and raise money to help wildlife and marine animals.
5. Create an app like a tree planting game, every time we reuse plastic, we will take photos, collect points, plant more trees as a forest in the game.

From the above ideas, I took a survey of people around me, almost is young people from 20 to 38 year-old and received the following suggestions:

After considering, I decided to put the ideas together:

Step 1:
  Making decorative projects from recycled plastic materials collected in my daily life.

These plastic bottles I collected in one week

Cutting them in flower shape and color by acrylic
Color and glue them or stick by sewing. Put the pearl in the middle as pistil
Create the simple fashion illustration as the background
Put these flowers on canvas, stick by sewing

At the first time, I wanted to make a rose tree from plastic, but after cutting and painting the petals, I suddenly wanted to change into decoration on the dress, because I studied fashion design, so I wanted an inter-topic, more fashionable and style.

The flowers seemed a bit too big when decorating on the dress so I cut them a bit smaller.

Step 2:
Post photos of the handmade product on social networking like Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #nondisposableplastic #reusingplastic #nosingleuseplastic #reusereducerecycle #greenlifestyle

Posting on my Instagram Nita Huynh

Stage 4: DELIVER

My final product
Journey map

After receiving positive comments from people around me, I think I will edit the video and upload it soon for everyone to do it.


This is the first time I used the double diamond method to solve the problem of using less plastic materials. Actually, I was a bit confused and found it difficult to use this method. However, after applying, receiving suggestions from teachers, friends around me, I got used to this method.

This approach helps me to expand the problem, try out many ideas to solve the situation and come up with the most appropriate solution. As I researched the use of plastic materials, I used the survey to understand people around to divide their waste at home, they were very supportive of this but there were still many ideas. Some opinions as it is not really convenient for them, most people realize the problem, they support but not seriously apply to everyday life.

So I want to try making products made from recycled plastic, creating beautiful little decorations to help people get more ideas with the number of plastic bottles they have at home, if everyone of us is interested in using recycled plastic materials, it is possible to take full advantage of the durability of plastic materials, turn plastic bottles from garbage into a useful item and increase their usage time. Instead of using plastic bags and plastic bottles one single time and disposing of them, we can recycle to create more value for them.

After making the final product, uploading it to Instagram and receiving positive feedback for this idea, I was really happy. As a designer, I hope to help change the perspective of people in using single plastic. After this product, I will edit the video and post it on youtube as soon as possible. If I can get more good feedback from these small ideas, I think in the future I can build a campaign to promote the reuse of plastic, to protect the environment. Or maybe I will just stop at this project and see this is a very good experience for my design process in the future. I learned how to expand the problem, get the opinions of people, change the plan to suit everyone’s needs. In general, I think the role of a designer is to create products that are suitable for the market you want to target, attracting the attention of customers, and that product will be successful. However, there is no guarantee that all our ideas will succeed, when applied in practice and in specific markets, we will need to adjust and change to capture customer tastes. This is also a very rewarding experience. So I think if you have any ideas, don’t be afraid to implement it.

Stay positive!

My video clip for instruction DIY decoration ❤

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