Fashion Marketing: Contemporary or Traditional ?

Traditional marketing is considered to be the type of offline marketing. It includes print publications, broadcast, direct mail, telephone and outdoor advertising such as billboards, promotions, look books, magazines. From journalism to radio, this marketing method helps reach the target audience in the long time.

Fashion marketing is not the same as business marketing, due to the characteristics of the fashion industry, the trend is changing rapidly, each season has a new collection with different colors, designs, themes. So doing fashion marketing requires a sensitive sense of catching up with trends and anticipating the new fashion trends. Because the fashion marketing is changing fast and short-lived, the tools for fashion marketing must also be constantly updated.

Today, using social networks to promote brands is considered the most effective distribution channel. Brands can through Facebook – fan-page, Instagram,Twitter, Pinterest , YouTube to get closer to consumers, bringing friendly images due to the simple interaction between customers and brands through comments, messages, inbox. And all information about campaigns and events is also captured and shared quickly and conveniently. No more time constraints as advertised in magazines and newspapers in the traditional way then wait for the publish date.

However, any marketing tool has its strengths and weaknesses. Today, besides the official website, brands also have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as we know now consumers can interact with the brand by raising any opinions, thinking or even complaining, using negative words anytime and from anywhere in the world through comments or messages. And so creating and preserving brand image is also more difficult. Negative comments or just an image that causes a lot of controversy can create any wave of indignation or create a marketing strategy.

The most recent example is the participation of brands on the topic #blacklivesmatter, Versace, Celine, Saint Laurent and Gucci, which posted anti-racist messages on their social platforms. Gucci reposted a poem by writter Cleo Wade on Instagram about how to end racism and bigotry. And they received a lot of positive replies.

However, some brands that choose to stay silent, not participating in this campaign #blacklivesmatter, have received countless wraths and negative comments on their Instagram page. Consumers think that they are emotionless and silent synonymous with compromise, so they use a lot of bad words, affecting the brand image in the future.

In my opinion, we can use some traditional marketing methods, or a combination of tradition and contemporary to create an effective marketing strategy. A good fashion marketing campaign will be able to balance both short-term gain and long-term goals.

Published by nitahuynhdesign

I'm from Vietnam and now living in Sydney. I love fashion that why I'm studying fashion design. I do floral design as well and freelancer stylist. Handmade crafts, drawing, listening to muzik, enjoy reading books and travel are all my hobbies. Follow me on Instagram : Nita Huynh or Floral.n.nita Love to share the new journey with you guys <3

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