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Fashion Marketing: Contemporary or Traditional ?

Traditional marketing is considered to be the type of offline marketing. It includes print publications, broadcast, direct mail, telephone and outdoor advertising such as billboards, promotions, look books, magazines. From journalism to radio, this marketing method helps reach the target audience in the long time. Fashion marketing is not the same as business marketing, due…

The plastic problem : Develop and Deliver

After researching plastic materials, I realized that it has many advantages and is applied a lot in daily life, a durable material, low cost, can make many types of products. However, the sustainability of plastic materials is its disadvantage, because it is so durable that plastic is difficult to decompose in nature, a normal plastic…

Plastic Recycling- Discover and Define

DISCOVER According the report in 2017, 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute, which is equivalent to 20,000 bottles per second. In addition to water bottles, plastic materials also appear in our daily life such as bags, phone covers, cards, boxes, headphone, shoes, bicycles, plant pots, tables, chairs … to help make our life…

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